The chakras mystified me for years. Yes, they are the seven energy centers that lie along the length of the spine. But what does that really mean? 

You don’t find the chakras on the operating room table. They are not (normally) visible to the naked eye or even with an electron microscope. The chakras are found in the energy body, the acupuncture body — not the physical body.

Think of the chakras as energy distribution centers, like a workshop with seven electric outlets stacked one on top of the other. Instead of providing electricity, each chakra outlet provides a different type of energy. In this blog, you will learn more about the chakra energies andhow to keep your energy centers strong and balanced. Balanced chakras are essential for a balanced life.

7 Energy Centers

Plug into the first outlet (root chakra), and you get survival energy.

Kirlian chakra photograph

The second outlet (sacral chakra) provides sexual energy.

The third (solar) furnishes will-power.

The fourth (heart): the energy of love

Fifth (throat): energy of creativity

Sixth (third eye): energy of intuition

Seventh (crown): energy of the divine

Chakra means “wheel”, and, to those who have psychic vision, the chakras appear as spinning pinwheels of light.

In a healthy, youthful body, the chakras spin rapidly and radiantly, like spinning tops made of light. In the human body, each vortex of energy extends out beyond the skin contributing to the vibrant color of the aura.  

The Aging Process

With aging, the chakras slow down like wobbly plates balanced on a stick. In the old and infirm, the energy aura barely extends out to the surface. The vital energy begins to leave the body. The hair turns gray, and the joints deteriorate. The process can be slowed down, however,  using the yogic tools of mantra (Sanskrit chant) and pranayama (conscious breathing).

Vital Energy

The secret to revitalizing the body is to boost the vital energy, the prana, contained within each chakra. Prana is the wind that keeps those chakra pinwheels vibrant and spinning. The fastest method is to use sound healing combined with the power of the breath practices (pranayamas).

Sound Healing and Chakra Balance

Sound is powerful. An opera singer can shatter a glass with a high note. Sound waves (shock waves) from a lithotripter can pulverize kidney stones. And mantras can energize the chakras.

The ancient sages have given us a simple and powerful sound tool for strengthening and balancing the chakras: the bija (seed) mantras. The bija mantras are powerful single-syllable Sanskrit words that work directly on the chakras using vibrational sound energy.

For example, we chant “Lam,” a mantra for groundedness and stability, to strengthen and balance the first chakra, mooladhara, and we chant “Aum” for sixth chakra (third eye) oneness and harmony.

Mantras and Chakras

What is a mantra? A mantra is simply a word or phrase repeated over and over. In yoga, mantras are scientific sound formulas — sound waves generated by the human instrument, the voice box.

Book cover mystical chakra mantras

Sanskrit mantras are used for healing and higher consciousness and in this case for chakra balance. In short, the mantra system works on the chakra system.

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