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The Happiness Mantra

Deva Premal (Goddess of Love): Musician from Germany   The Happiness Mantra Of all the mantras in the Yoga of Sound tradition (the yoga of music and Sanskrit chant), one may be the most important for this age. It is the ultimate yogic prayer: Lokah Samastha...

The OM Mantra: Yogic Xanax

Ever wonder why most yoga classes start by chanting OM (AUM)? The OM sound takes us straight to the highest consciousness, the highest awareness -- the highest vibration. OM is a special mantra, a sacred sound formula, for creating oneness and harmony. When we chant...

CBD: New Treatment for Seizures?

One year ago this month, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved CBD, a medicine derived from hemp, for the treatment of severe seizure disorders in children, including Dravet Syndrome, a severe form of childhood epilepsy. Imagine the nightmare if your child...

What is Reiki?

Cultures around the world use the healing power of touch. One popular method of hands-on healing that comes to us from Japan is Reiki (pronounced ray-key). It is a form of energy medicine whose purpose is to activate the body’s natural healing processes. A Reiki...

CBD: Natural Herb for Sleep

One of the questions I hear the most is, “Doctor, is there an herbal supplement I can take for better sleep? I’m tired of taking Ambien.” Yes. There is: CBD for sleep. For those who need a nighttime supplement, I recommend a new product by Joy Organics of Colorado....

What Is Ayurveda?

Today’s blog is all about holistic Ayurveda, the healing branch of yogic science. A gift from India. Ayur means life and Veda means knowledge — the ”knowledge of life and longevity.” Sometimes Ayurveda can be the best medicine, especially when it comes to treating...

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