A Conscious Dance in the Spirit of Expressive Arts

by Guest Blogger Caroline Van Nort, MA, LPCA, NCC


Caroline Van Nort

Caroline Van Nort

This month’s guest blogger is my friend and co-hort, Caroline Van Nort, artist and person-centered expressive arts counselor with a Masters from Appalachian State University.

Caroline shares with us how expressive arts has personally touched her life —  in the paragraphs below — through her words and visual art:

About Expressive Arts Therapy: by Caroline Van Nort

Trust the process of creating.

Expressive arts therapy is an extension of person-centered counseling. Natalie Rogers is known for expanding her father’s (Carl Rogers) person-centered theory into the expressive arts. Spontaneous expression in the arts is emphasized. There is no judgment or analysis.

Expressive arts therapy is intermodal. This multimedia element shines through in music, writing, sound, visual arts and movement combined in various ways.

Explore the arts to express your feelings and gain insights.

Feel connected to your inner core and all of life.

Journey into your inner and outer worlds to recognize the oneness in all.

“I begin with breath.

I feel my belly rise and fall with each moment of wonder.

The spaciousness around me amplifies as I connect the energy down to my toes.

I am free.

The pulse of life beating in my heart anchors this dance.

I am in connection with all of life. I am so grateful to have soul in my cells that move me.

My body begins to sway as though movement is a language.

What do my hands have to say? What are my feet feeling? What is my breath clearing out?

Curiosity for what the moment brings is my dance partner.

I move until stillness speaks to me.

Eventually, I lie down on the earth feeling completely supported.

Thank you, love.

Thank you for all that is and all that will be.

Thank you for guiding this conscious dance that is life.

End blog by Caroline Van Nort

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