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By Dr. Harrison Graves

Healing Mantras

DailyOM Online Course

If you are interested in more natural and holistic treatments for anxiety and depression, you are invited to enroll in this online course today.

Sanskrit mantras, starting with OM, are sound formulas, packed with energy and intention, that have a profound effect on the body-mind. They can become powerful tools for insight, healing, creativity, and spiritual growth.

By Cayenne Graves

Finding Happiness Again

DailyOM Online Course by Cayenne Graves

Are you stuck in heartache, grief or loss? Do you often feel there is nothing you can do about the pain? Are you feeling disconnected, invisible, and unappreciated for who you are and feel that you don’t matter to anyone? Have you lost someone special? These feelings of loss and loneliness can be excruciatingly painful. This pain can further separate us from others. What sets this course apart is that it can put an end to feelings of loneliness, grief and loss, not just make them more bearable. You will learn skills and practices that quickly release emotional pain enabling you to find love, something you may not have thought possible. Treat yourself to this course if you yearn for connection, love, and to share your life with others and want to know how to be highly successful at finding love.

Cayenne will share with you her wisdom and guided meditations, which offer proven, lasting solutions for ending isolation, grief, feeling not good enough, and social anxiety. These practices, like mindfulness and mantra meditation, combine the wisdom of the ancient sages with the latest advances in neuroscience. They rewire the brain for happiness and have absolutely transformed the lives of those who have used them to move from loneliness to love.


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