Album cover/chakra mantras

Chakra Mantras Digital Download

Chant your way through the chakras with Dr. G  —  from Lam at the base, to OM at the top.

Album Cover/Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra Digital Download

A guided meditation to help you relax.

Fall asleep naturally tonight.

Healing Mantras Online Course now available: DailyOM.com

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CBD Oil Tinctures

Liquid herbal CBD can help relieve anxiety, chronic pain and more

CBD for Sleep

Softgels: 25mg of CBD + melatonin for a restful night’s sleep

CBD Salve

A healing balm for joint pain and skin inflammation 

CBD for Dogs

Veterinarian formulated, useful for arthritis and anxiety

Prescription-free Pain Relief

Why Joy Organics?

Joy Organics uses a proprietary extraction method that results in higher bioavailability than their industry competitors. This means higher potency, faster onset of relief, and a more cost-effective medicine. 

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More Info?

We represent the non-psychoactive CBD oil for health and wellness. Our product is the highest quality and THC free. Consult with your health care provider to find out if CBD is right for you.

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