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People are scared right now — and looking for answers.

What’s going to happen if I get sick?

What if death comes?

Is dying painful?

Is there really an afterlife?

How can I overcome being scared of my death?

In Yoga, there are two ways to lessen the fear of death — with knowledge, and with mantra (Sanskrit sound formulas).

In this blog, we have the knowledge part, superbly written by my good friend, yogi and Vedanta scholar, Pieter Elsen, PhD. Pieter was a Vedic monk for 21 years, of which 11 were spent in India. While there he studied extensively the deep and spiritual philosophy of the East. He now conducts past-life regressions, and Life-Between-Life sessions (LBLs), where some clients experience events from previous lifetimes and others experience the Life Between Life state.

According to Pieter:

No matter how intense life on earth may have been, and how much they loved their life and family, the release from the body and the connection to a transcendental reality is much more powerful and attractive to the soul than staying.

You can feel calmer by knowing that the Soul lives on, and the afterlife is a wonderful place — filled with Sat Chit Ananda — Beauty, Knowledge and Bliss (literally Truth, Consciousness and Bliss.)

Read Dr. Elsen’s blog here:

Should I Be Scared of My Death?

by Pieter Elsen Ph.D. CHt

We are born with two kinds of fear, the fear of loud noises and the fear of falling. Also high on the fear list is the fear of public speaking and the fear of death. As we get older and become more aware of our own immortality, the fear of death becomes increasingly real.

It’s very hard to get a grip on this fear as it’s never just the fear of death itself that scares us. It is also the fear of losing loved ones, leaving the things behind we love and are attached to, experiencing disease and pain in the process of dying and realizing that certain desires cannot be fulfilled.

It may leave us wondering, is it really death itself we fear, or the loss of life? Upon further inner analysis, we become aware that these two things are not one and the same. Loss of life is inevitable with death, but could it be that the loss of life and everything that life means to us is much harder to let go of than the fear of death itself?

Facing this inevitable reality, I’m forced to delve into the deeper recesses of my mind and ask myself; do I have the inner philosophical and spiritual resources to deal with this unavoidable reality?

I believe most people, irrespective of religious views, have some sort of personal spiritual belief that convinces them that there is a continuation of the soul after death. Yet, when faced with our impending death, we still become afraid.

Experiencing Death

Should I be scared of my death?

As a professional regressionist conducting past-life regressions (PLR) and life-between-lives spiritual regressions (LBL) sessions all over the country, I have the privilege of seeing a lot of deaths. I’d like to share with you some similarities from all the cases I have witnessed.

During a PLR/LBL session, we take a person through a past-life and guide them to the life-between-life state, a place after death and before this current birth. Once in the LBL state, the soul has an overview of its last life, but then, as it increasingly detaches from that embodied state, it starts to identify with its soul state, allowing it to objectively look at its current embodied state as well. This helps us to understand why the soul took up this body, what the great plan for this reincarnation is, and how well it is doing in this regard.

People experience past-life regressions differently. Some people are completely identified with the person they were in that particular life, while others hover over the experience and witness it in a more detached manner. No matter how they experience it, they are completely engaged in the experience.

This brings me to my first important observation. At the time of death in past lives, when they leave the body, they all, without exception, are glad to leave the body. All suffering stops and even though I ask them if they would like to say goodbye to someone or complete some unfinished business on earth, most of the souls are ready to leave immediately.

So no matter how intense life on earth may have been and how much they loved their life and family, the release from the body and the connection to a transcendental reality is much more powerful and attractive to the soul than staying.

This doesn’t mean they don’t love the people around them. But at that moment they quickly realize they are so much more than the person they were on earth, and so are their loved ones, who are waiting for them in a higher dimension in their true soul’s state. Even those living still on earth can be encountered in the afterlife at that time, as during an incarnation only a portion of a soul’s energy takes birth, and the soul’s essence remains in the life-between-lives state. These meetings can be extremely emotional and touching, confirming that loving relationships, even with pets, don’t cease after death.

Life Between Life

The second observation is that when a soul reaches the life-between-life state, it lets go of the little things that worried us while on earth allowing us to connect to what is most important. It is not so much a detachment as it is becoming aware of what really matters and what will make us happy. It quickly redefines what happiness means. In this state, we are experiencing the soul which absolutely doesn’t care about worldly things and possessions, and rather focuses on love, unity, awakening: doing and being good, to itself and others.

Jesus Welcomes You

And, lastly, after this experience, as it comes down to embodied consciousness, one looks upon life, and death, differently. One of the great benefits of a transcendental experience (no matter how you come to this experience) is that you gain a tremendous sense of perspective. You realize you are not just this body, attached to this world and these circumstances, but that you are an eternal traveler. It can have great and powerfully positive psychological benefits, in that you start to focus on the big picture, i.e. your spiritual ideals and principles, rather than the little worldly things that bothered and distracted you before. You start to focus on love and growth and regard life as a sacred privilege and opportunity. An opportunity to become divine, by seeing that divinity in all things and in all beings, while realizing that unity and divinity will last eternally, beyond life and death.

The fear of losing life and facing the unknown of what we call death is only a fear as long as we are not connected to the eternal reality of our soul. Once we realize our own divinity, and that of all sentient beings, there is no death. There won’t be any loss.

We are eternally one and connected.

Will I ever be really happy?

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End of Blog by Dr. Pieter Elsen.

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